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Hi Frankie,
I followed some of the topics here, and have a question:
is there a way to scan the mouth and go to designing and fabricating a screw retained hybrid skipping a stage of model fabrication. 
For instance, I have 6 implants placed in the MX, and want to make a PMMA temporary. I have ELOS or Atlantis scanbodies, as well as CEREC scanposts that I can use to scan the implant platform.
I realize InLab allows only to choose Medentika or NT trading multi unit abutments. For some of the systems they have both multiunit abutments, female caps and scanbodies too. So, my questions is, can I scan the implants intraorally (which scanbodies to use then?) then design and mill the PMMA(or final Zirconia) and glue the female caps extraorally and deliver the final product without making he physical model and then scanning that model AGAIN. To me it looks very logical with what Primescan and InLab can do?
thanks for your thoughts
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