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Crazy how things are changing with our Digital Workflows in the DS world these days! So many CEREC Docs have taken things to another level by adding CBCT scanners and printers to the mix. Lately I have been getting some calls at the lab asking the question "How can I do an immediate Load all on four from my Galileos and CEREC?" Last year there was a lot of conversations posted on Social media about systems being closed. We can't do this or that...not an "Open System". Reading some of these threads sparked my interest. To be honest I had never really thought to take the time to learn or involve myself in immediate loads. Question I asked myself was "Can we make this workflow completely digital?" Especially when so many docs have printers these days. What would this workflow look like? With printing materials like these how far can we take things:
I always ask my self how can I take Digital Dentistry to a whole new level!

For example lets say you want at time of surgery things like:

1. Foundation Guides
2. Bone reduction guides
3. Surgical Guides
4. All on Four Loads
5. Immediate Dentures as a back up just in case! winking 
Hell! Think about all the buzz going on with Digital Dentures these days!

I think we get the picture...A Digital Workflow that would combine Galileos, CEREC, InLab, printers or mills. Being able to complete one of the most complex ed cases in dentistry from multiple locations...all digital! Options like either the case being designed, milled or printed at a lab.  Or designed from a lab and printed at a docs office. Evan cases designed from a docs office and processed at a lab...So many options. Skies the limit! 

Here is a immediate load case that shows the workflow I am talking about:
1. Patients Pre-op is scanned with the CEREC sent via Connect to a lab that has inLab. Lab then creates catalogs. Virtually extracts teeth and creates a virtual mock up.

2. Now all this information gets exported as .STL's. Also you export the .Dicom file from your Galileos and import everything into a third party treatment planning SW. Let the planning begin! 

3. Now this is when things really start getting interesting. Now that you have everything planned out. All the info gets exported as .STL's

    A. Guides
   B. Models that show the position and locations of all the implants.
    C. Models with extractions
    D. Models with the Virtually Seated Mock ups.

4. Then we import everything back into inLab. We then design our immediate loads using all the info we imported. After it is designed. Options start kicking in. If your an office that owns a printer that can use some of the printing materials that I showed above. You know...printers that are "open" You can print everything in office! big grin

5. The Operation...This is why I am a Dental Tech! Not sure if I would still be standing after seeing such a blood fest! LOL!

6. Same day of the operation...

Been in the Sirona world now for almost 8 years. Seen things evolve so quickly...I would have never imagined we would be here so fast. I am very excited for what the future will bring! 
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