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Please help out a brotha! :)

Hello everyone!

I am very happy that everyone is using this website for getting the information they need. But I do have a request. As we move forward and clean up the website with getting ride of older video, creating newer ones that look and feel like the latest SW. I would like start a NEW trend. I get a lot of private messages on this site daily asking me "How do I". I really don't mind answering the questions. But I think that we are not helping each other if it is a PM. I notice that some of the questions are the same so moving forward:
1. Can everyone ask the questions on the Topic Boards
2. Post on the Live Stream
3. Post on their walls.

But at the end I would really prefer it on the TOPIC Boards so that everyone can see it or even refer back to it.

Hope everyone has an amazing day!! cool
Posted in General Topics on July 13 at 12:20 PM

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