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Update for inLab Cam 16.1 info

The New inLab CAM 16.1 Cam SW is available to download. Here is a description of what is on the Update.

Important notes:

1. When you are ready to update. The SW needs to have some important windows updates installed before it installs the SW. Depending on how you normally keep up with your windows updates...will depend on how long this will take. It can take up to 8 hrs or 10 minutes. You have to make sure you don't start this if you need to mill something. So pick your time! laughing

2. After the install is ready to can run across and error that says your mill needs to be calibrated. This will depend on the Serial #. if your MCX5 has a serial number below 401150, you will need a calibration before installing CAM 16.1 Call PTC if this happens.

Post here if you have any other questions about your update.

Posted in inLab CAM 16 SW Topics on June 07 at 11:38 AM

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