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Designing via connect

This week I had 2 calls from labs asking me the same question. In my eyes it tells me there might be others that experienced the same thing! laughing Here is your answer...
When you design using the inLab 15 for a CEREC Office that will be milling chairside. If the Dr. calls you and says he can not mill the cases you designed because his screen only shows the admin but the model and mill icons are grayed out. Like on the picture below:

This means that when you designed you chose that you are milling with the MCX5. Since the Doctor doesn't have a choice for milling with the MCX5. It then grays out on the office's end. Doc then needs to edit his admin and choose that they will be milling on a MCXL and the material they will be using. After that happens...the model and the mill icons will light up. But not the Design icon because they CAN NOT edit or change your design. If they try it will they have to trust your Designing abilities! cool

 Now all of this could be avoided if when you receive the case via connect! You edit the restorations from the get go! Ask the Doc what material he will be milling in and you change it on your end.

Make sure you choose the MCXL

Make sure you choose the Material


When you export as a .dxd and upload it using the connect portal

When they download and open it....

BOOM! Problem solved! Hope this helps wink
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