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Frank Acosta

Mills were on fire today!

While I was working today. I really was amazed on how many different types of restorations I run thru my Sirona systems on a daily. So many materials available to us to create these bad boys:

Night Guards
Surgical Guides
Full Zirconia
Zirconia frameworks
Fiber Disc
and so many more that I personally don't use! Normally I take pictures thru out the day of stuff we have done...normally with my iPhone! But since Jay Black has been on me about buying a real camera. I decided to give myself a little Christmas gift cool

But just because I have one doesn't mean I know how to use it! frown 

Either was one of those days I couldn't believe how many "Different" types of restorations I ran thru today. Here are just a few pics of the day...



It was a good day of production and that is all we can all ask for as Lab owners my friends. wink

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