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CEREC Ortho + Sirona Connect = inLab Partial SW

Lately things in the removable world is really becoming digital. Been getting a lot of interest and cases from CEREC Docs asking if they can send me scans from the CEREC Ortho SW so I can do a Partial Framework for them. It is great to be able to use the inLab partial SW and of course a printer to make this all possible. Here is one that I just received....Great scan!!

Here are a couple other cases I have done.

I have been getting some great feedback on the fits as well! Gotta say the future is looking great in the Digital world!

How many are doing or even offering this to your Docs?

How many of your have the inLab Partial SW?

How many Docs have the CEREC Ortho SW?

Lets keep it digital my friends! cool 

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